Trap Shooting at Philmont

Trap will be shooting:

  • Tuesdays All Year – 1pm Start till done.
  • Fridays:
    Fall / Winter Hours – 1pm Start till done.  In October, November & December, Trap Shooters will yield to a Range shooter that needs to quickly sight-in their rifle for hunting season.  Just come to the trap house and let the trap shooters know you are there.
    Spring / Summer Hours – 3pm Start till done.
  • Sundays All Year – 9am Start till done.   No Trap if another event like an Archery Shoot is going on at the club.  Check the Club Calendar and come to monthly meeting to find out what’s happening at the club!
  • All are welcome to shoot Trap, you do not need to be a member to participate in Trap.  Open to the Public.
  • Range is closed during Trap Shooting.

As always, if there is another event at the club Trap Shooting is cancelled.

A group of people standing around a bench.Come on down to the Philmont Trap House and shoot a few rounds to get ready for the season!

All Club Members 13 and older are encouraged to shoot for the club. We have many divisions you can shoot in.

Please come down to the club for more information.