2014 Fishing Derby Gallery

June 4, 2014

On Saturday May 31st, Philmont Rod & Gun Club held its annual Fishing Derby.
85 young anglers, their parents & grand parents came to the pond at the PRGC’s main club house in Philmont to try to catch the big fish and win the derby!  All the young anglers had a great time, caught 134 fish and left with a prize.  Below are the big winners.  Check out all the pictures from the day.  PRGC hopes to see you there next year.  PRGC would like to thank all those people who volunteered to help make the day a success!  A big thank you goes out to John Ohlerich for his dedication to the club and this event.  His hard work makes the fishing derby a fun, success event for the area youth and their families.

Scroll Down for this years pictures!

Largest Fish
Mathew Rothvoss    (Senior)        19 “ Trout

Most Fish Caught
Ciara Dellea  (10 Fish)

Cubs            (15 anglers / 23 fish)
1st Place       Hunter Ferrara
2nd Place       Rylee Ryan
3rd Place       Noah Hanson
Juniors         (41 anglers / 64 fish)
1st Place       Adalyn Shabowski
2nd Place       Derrick Dellea
3rd Place       Olivia Hanson
Seniors         (29 anglers / 47 fish)
1st Place       James Barker
2nd Place       Dakota Jennings
3rd Place       Bailey Winters

Here is a list of the sponsors of this years Fishing Derby. They made sure all the kids had a great time!  If you see them, please thank them for their support!!!  And patronize their businesses!

Dave Ruggles
A Sharper Image
Claverack Package Store
James Fabiano
Byron Parker  Plumbing
Jim Schaible Construction
John A. Alvarez & Sons
John Campeta
Johnnie Walker Insurance
Patrick DelGrande, D.D.S.
Speeds Garage, Inc.
Wash Rite
The UPS Store
Colunbia Crusiers
Ed Herrington Inc.
Montague Oil Company
Rick’s Home Inspections, LLC
Stewarts Shops
Your Place For Guns
Burfeind & Sons Contracting LLC
Meltz Lumber
Columbia Co Sportsman’s Fed.
Robert Host Tree Service
Columbia / Green Sportman’s Assoc.
Guns Inc
Northern Dutchess Archery
Philmont Rotary
Williams Lumber Inc.

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