Special Trap Events

November 8, 2018

Special Trap Events!

The Trap Committee will offer some fun activities this winter in addition to the regular trap shoots.  We will have regular trap on all of these days that follow, except February 10.

October 28 – Flush Day, try your hand at breaking a bird with a partner every 3 seconds. Trap single shot guns not recommended for this – bring a double, auto, or pump.

November 25 – .410 day, bring or borrow a .410 shotgun and really test your skills!

December 16 – 20 ga day. Bring a 20 & test your skills!

January 20 – Field gun day. Bring a gun you would carry in the field and see how you do with the clays!

February 10 – Jon Wilder Sportsmen’s Challenge. More to follow, a fun day of fishing, archery, .22 rifle, trap, and hunting skills.

March 3 – Bolt Action Day. Try shooting trap with an old bolt action shotgun. Dust off yours, or come to the shoot and borrow one. 

March 17 – Luck of the Irish Day – there will be green birds on the carousel, the last green bird broken will earn the shooter $17. The first green bird $1 for a beer or soda. This will cost $7 a round.

Mark These Day Off In Your Calendar for Extra Fun!