2019 DEC Summer Camps

January 24, 2019

DEC Summer Camps 2019

If you are a club member and would like to apply for your child to go to camp through a PRGC Grant, contact Dave Siter via text or phone at
(518) 755-6219.

DEC camps combine environmental education, sportsman education and outdoor recreation into an adventurous experience. We use a fun, hands-on approach to teach about the environment.


Campers will have the opportunity to learn outdoor skills including backpacking, camping and canoeing. First hand experiences in the outdoors have inspired many campers with a life-long passion for nature and a dedication to stewardship of our natural resources.

What’s it like at an environmental education camp?

Campers will explore New York’s diverse habitats, have the chance to learn basic ecological concepts and how human activities affect the environment. Campers solve challenges, explore environmental concepts, practice outdoor skills and spend the week immersed in nature.

All of the camps offer sportsman education classes, including hunting and archery. The Pack Forest camp also offers shooting sports for the 14 to 17 year-olds.

Campers exploring during a lesson
Campers explore a stream
during a lesson group

See a typical week’s schedule for Camps Colby, DeBruce and Rushford

See a typical Pack Forest weekly schedule

2019 Camp Schedules and Availability

A camp session runs Sunday through Friday. The schedule for the 2019 season will be out the coming weeks. Check current availability at all four camps.

About our Camp Counselors

Camp counselor teaches campers about the forest
Our counselors are critical to the camps success

Our counselors are well-educated and committed to providing a great experience for all campers. Many of our staff are former campers, continuing the DEC Summer Camps tradition by returning to teach the next generation of campers. All environmental education camp counselors have at least two years of college in natural or biological sciences, natural resource conservation, recreation management, environmental education or primary and secondary education. Our counselors are all certified in First Aid and CPR/AED and have been checked through the NYS Sex Offenders Registry.

You can read more about the requirements for camps staff or learn how to apply by visiting the Employment at DEC Summer Camps page.

Cost and Sponsorships

DEC camp costs $350 per camper, per week. Many campers are sponsored by local conservation organizations, hunting and fishing clubs, garden clubs, and community groups. Talk with organizations in your area to find out if they offer sponsorships, and how to receive one. Sponsored campers must work with their sponsoring organization to receive sponsorship ahead of the January registration opening for camps.