2015 Fishing Derby Gallery

June 8, 2015

On May 30th The Philmont Rod and Gun Club hosted its annual Fishing Derby.  This annual event was open to the public to promote the sport of fishing among the youths of our community.  Over 300 trout were stocked into the club pond prior to the event.  Fifty two (52) young anglers participated and caught over 100 of these fish.  This year almost every participant caught at least one fish.  Each angler received a gift card, rod and reel combo or tackle box at the awards presentation.  Trophies were presented to class winners.  Lunch was served to the anglers and their escorts.  All participants had a fine time.

The following are the results for the Derby.

52        Young Anglers

103      Fish Caught

Largest Fish                            Kayla Riegel      18 1/2 “ Trout

Most Fish Caught                   Kaitlyn Riegel   (14 Fish)

Most Inches Caught               Adalyn Shabowski      57”+

Cubs                (13 anglers /11 fish)

                         1st Place          Allyssa Kopec

                        2nd Place          Morgan Thurnbecker

                        3rd Place          Chase Shelton

Juniors                        (25 anglers / 76 fish)

                        1st Place          Zachary Rowe

                        2nd Place          Derrick Dellea

                        3rd Place          Ciara Dellea

Seniors            (14 anglers / 16 fish)

                        1st Place          Dakota Jennings

                        2nd Place          Kalista Kopec

                        3rd Place          Joseph Shabowski


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