2014 Jon Wilder Sportsmen’s Challenge

February 17, 2014

On February 9th 2014 the Philmont Rod & Gun Club held its annual Jon Wilder Sportsman Challenge.  Doug Cropper was trying for the “Hat Trick” this year but there were many looking to dethrone the king.

It was a very cold sunny day but the competition was hot.  The competitors had 6 categories to show off their skills. 1. Ice Fishing  2. Squirrel Hunt  3. Casting Accuracy  4. Archery  5. .22 Rifle Shoot  6. Trap Shooting.  Each skill had its scoring and the lowest score is dropped to determine the winner.  The Sportsmen had to arrive at the club by 9 am with the squirrels they hunted that morning.  A few jumped out to an early lead.  There were 15 squirrels logged in just before 9 am.  A maximum of 4 squirrels per hunter.

Once breakfast was out of the way the competitors did Trap, Archery, Rifle Shoot & Casting. The sportsmen took a break for lunch and got ready to move on to the pond for Ice Fishing.  The scoring was very tight and all of the 1, 2 & 3 place trophies were up for grabs.

The Sportsmen got their gear, negotiated the snow onto the pond. They have 1 hour to catch a maximum of 4 fish.  Last year there was only one fish caught by Dale Rowe.  15 minutes after the competition started Dale Rowe took his gear down to the ice.  20 minutes before the hour was up, Dale was returning to the club house.  Many of us thought the cold was finally getting to the old timer of the competition.  That was not the case; Dale caught his quota in record time scoring the maximum 20 points!

With that impressive score, Dale surged past many of the competitors to finish first in the 2014 Jon Wilder Sportsmen’s Challenge!

Dale Rowe – First Place with a score of 69.

Will Montague – Second Place with a score of 65.

Dave Ruggles – Third Place with a score of 60.

Congratulations to Dale Rowe!

A great time was had by all the competitors and spectators. We hope to see you there next year!  Who will dethrone the new king next year!